10 Affordable Designer Dupes You Need

 • May 29, 2024
 • 12 min read

Designer dupes are a great way to get the high-end look without the high-end price. Check out these 10 affordable alternatives to popular designer items.

10 Affordable Designer Dupes You Need

In the fashion world, designer dupes are getting more and more love. They let fashion lovers get stylish looks without the big price tags. These affordable alternatives keep you up-to-date with fashion and boost your style, even when money is tight.

Places like TikTok are buzzing with lookalike designer items. Shoppers show off their cool finds and how to rock fashion on a budget. While some stores sell exact copies, it’s often against the law. But, you can find loads of legit and high-quality designer dupes at places like Amazon, Walmart, ASOS, and more.

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Everyone wants designer stuff for their top-notch quality and the prestige they carry, especially when celebs and magazines show them off. Yet, budget-friendly designer choices let you follow the most recent trends without hurting your wallet. From fashion steals to chic accessories, designer knockoffs give you an affordable way to upgrade your closet. Why you ask?


  • Designer dupes offer affordable alternatives to high-end fashion items
  • Social media platforms showcase budget-friendly designer lookalikes
  • Legal and high-quality dupes are available on accessible sites
  • Embrace affordable luxury with stylish knockoffs and fashion steals
  • Achieve the designer look you desire without compromising your budget

Gucci Lug Sole Loafer Dupes

Gucci loafers are really popular right now. But, they cost $920 for the Jordaan style and over $1,000 for the Harald Horsebit. This high price scares off a lot of people who like fashion. Lucky for us, there are cheaper options out there. You can find shoes that look like Gucci’s but cost much less.

Gucci loafer dupes

Steve Madden Loafers: A Budget-Friendly Option

Steve Madden makes shoes that look a lot like Gucci loafers, but they’re only $80. These shoes, called Lando Black Leather, give you Gucci’s style without the big price tag. They come in different sizes, so lots of people can jump on the chunky loafer trend. And they won’t have to spend as much.

Chunky Loafer Trend and Alternative Dupes

The chunky loafer look is getting more and more popular. Many brands are now offering shoes that mimic Gucci for less. Sam Edelman’s Loraine Bit Loafers, for example, cost $150. They look great and are kind to your wallet. With the right outfit, you can hardly tell the difference from the pricier pairs. And you save a lot of money.

For the best lug-sole loafers, consider Vagabond’s Kenova Penny Loafers. The Coach Leah Platform Loafers are top for those looking to spend a little more. For a bargain, go for Nordstrom’s Trinity Loafers, which are under $100.

Made with quality and comfort in mind, Gentle Souls Brenda Platform Loafers really stand out.

GucciJordaan Loafer$920
GucciHarald Horsebit Platform LoaferOver $1,000
Steve MaddenLando Black Leather$80
Sam EdelmanLoraine Bit Loafer$150

Rag & Bone and Franco Sarto also make great, affordable loafer alternatives. Rag & Bone has stylish Shiloh Loafers. Franco Sarto’s Carolynn Tassel Loafers are a good patent-leather choice. Doc Martens Adrian Loafers add a cool twist. Chloé Noua Loafers are trendy but not as comfy.

Pick any of these Gucci look-alikes and style them right. Add the perfect clothes and accessories. This will make your affordable shoes look high-end. You’ll save money yet still look stylish. Plus, you’ll have shoes that last a long time and stay fashionable.

Affordable Bottega Veneta Lug Boot Dupes

Are you eyeing the Bottega Veneta Lug Boots but find the $1,450 price too high? No worries! Many alternatives are out there that won’t drain your bank account. Brands like Shein and Steve Madden offer similar looks for less. This way, you can stay trendy without going broke.

Affordable Bottega Veneta Lug Boot Dupes

Shein is praised for its low prices and has a $50 dupe for the famous boots. This dupe comes in black and white. If you need a wider fit, they’ve got you covered in a few colors for $46.

The Explorer boot from Steve Madden is $149 and made with real leather. Though it’s more expensive, it’s still a big saving from the Bottega Veneta version. Other deals can be found at Pretty Little Thing and the major platform boot for $55 and $56.

Jeffrey Campbell sells a version at $179, while & Other Stories’ boots go for $229. These are more expensive but still a good deal compared to the original. They make it easier to enjoy this chunky boot trend without spending a fortune.

There are many options for Bottega Veneta boot dupes, starting at $54. Half the affordable boots have colorful soles that stand out. And about 35% have platform soles, which are very trendy.

For those into colorful boots, popular choices include kelly green and soft yellow. But if you like classic colors, black is an option for about 25% of the boots.

Fashion enthusiasts suggest adding two pairs of these trendy dupes to your look. Ganni contributes to this trend with about 35% of the recommended styles.

Boot StylePercentage of Dupes

Chelsea boots and combat boots are the major options for dupes, making up a lot of the selections. This ensures everyone can find the perfect style that fits their unique vibe.

Getting into the chunky boot trend is both simple and cost-effective today. With plenty of dupes available, you can choose from Chelsea to combat boot styles. These picks let you enrich your closet’s selection without spending too much. So, get yourself a pair of these chic boots and enjoy looking fashionable!

Golden Goose Sneaker Lookalikes

Golden Goose sneakers are popular for their cool, worn-in look and fancy designs. But, they come with a high price tag of $450 to $700. Luckily, there are cheaper options that give the same trendy look.

Golden Goose sneaker dupes

Goodnight Macaroon: Stylish Dupes at a Fraction of the Cost

At $94, Goodnight Macaroon offers sneakers that look a lot like Golden Goose. They have the same worn-out look and cool star details. You save up to 45% with these alternate choices. If Golden Goose shoes cost $525, you can find similar ones for as little as $17. This makes them a great choice for anyone looking to save some money.

Affordable Options in Various Colors and Patterns

Golden Goose dupes come in many colors and patterns. Goodnight Macaroon has them in silver, gold, and even animal print. This can help you make your casual looks pop without spending a lot. Other brands like P448 and Vintage Havana offer chic styles for less than Golden Goose.

**It’s worth noting that P448 Thea sneakers, known for their extreme comfort and internal platform, and Zadig & Voltaire sneakers, which feature an internal wedge like Golden Goose, are also fan favorites for those who want luxury on a budget. Girls as young as 15 are buying these less expensive options. This shows the growing interest in stylish, budget-friendly choices.

Golden Goose$450 - $700Pre-distressed look, unique designs
Goodnight Macaroon$94Similar pre-worn aesthetic, star details
P448Lower than Golden GooseExtreme comfort, internal platform
Vintage HavanaUp to 46% offVariety of dupe options

If you choose Goodnight Macaroon’s dupes or any other similar option, you can enjoy the Golden Goose look for less. They are stylish, affordable ways to step up your casual wear game.

Bottega Veneta Stretch Heel Dupes

Bottega Veneta is an Italian luxury fashion house. It’s famous for its expert craftsmanship and creative designs. Since 1966, the brand has caught the eye of fashion lovers. One of their top items is the stretch heels. These heels have a distinct mesh look and a square toe. For those aiming to boost their style, these shoes are a dream. Yet, they come with a hefty price tag of $1,100, making them a goal for many.

Bottega Veneta stretch heel dupes

Milanoo: Budget-Friendly Mesh Heels

Milanoo has a great deal for fans of the mesh heel style who are watching their wallet. They have a similar pair of square-toe stiletto slip-on casual mesh sandals for only $35. These shoes give a stylish and affordable choice.

Though they’re not identical, Milanoo’s mesh heels do reflect Bottega Veneta’s unique design. This lets fashion fans get a similar style for much less. The known comfort of Bottega Veneta’s stretch sandals is also found in Milanoo’s version, at about $50. It’s a great deal.

Similar Styles in Various Colors

Milanoo’s heel dupes come in many colors. You can pick from classic black to bold shades like teal and vibrant green. This lets you play with different colors to match your style and closet.

If you love the Bottega Veneta look, there are more affordable options. Topshop has a dupe for their square-toe mules at £65. ASOS has a similar sandal for £35. Plus, Dune London’s heeled mule sandal is 51% off at £42. They all capture the heart of the Bottega Veneta design.

Bottega VenetaStretch Heels$1,100
MilanooSquare-Toe Stiletto Mesh Sandals$35
TopshopSquare-Toe Mules Dupe£65
ASOSSimilar Sandal Dupe£35
Dune LondonHeeled Mule Sandal£42 (51% off)

With brands like Milanoo, exploring the mesh heel trend is now easy on the wallet. Whether you go for a budget-friendly alternative or treat yourself to Bottega Veneta’s style, these shoes will enhance your look. They show off your love for fashion in a bold way.

Affordable Designer Jewelry Dupes

There are well-known designer jewelry items like the Cartier Love Ring and Vivian Westwood’s Mini Bas Relief Choker. These are loved for their beauty and how they make any outfit stand out. But, real pieces like the Cartier Love Bracelet can cost up to $6,750 and the Cartier Juste Un Clou Bracelet around $3,050. This is too expensive for many people who love fashion. Luckily, more and more people are finding affordable designer jewelry dupes to still look great without spending so much.

Affordable designer jewelry dupes

Many enjoy the look of jewelry dupes because they are affordable. More and more women are choosing these affordable options. They like that they can try different styles without the worry of losing or damaging an expensive item. This makes cheaper alternatives very attractive to them.

Cartier Love Ring Dupes on Amazon

Amazon has budget-friendly versions of the Cartier Love Ring in gold, silver, and rose gold. These start at just $12.99. Although these options are cheaper, remember that the quality might not be as high.

Vivian Westwood Mini Bas Relief Choker Dupes from Shein

Shein, a top online fashion store, has affordable versions of the Vivian Westwood choker. They have the orb and pearl designs at much lower prices, from $13.95 to $29.99. These pieces look like designer items but are made from different materials, like copper, 18K gold-plating, stainless steel, and brass. They are also good for people with sensitive skin.

Designer JewelryOriginal Price RangeAffordable DupeDupe Price
Cartier Love Bracelet$6,300 - $6,750Amazon Inspired Design$12.99
Cartier Juste Un Clou Bracelet$3,050Amazon Inspired Design$12.99
Vivienne Westwood Mini Bas Relief Choker$195Shein Orb and Pearl Design Dupe$13.95

Dupes are great for all occasions, from daily wear to special events. They are now a popular choice for gifts too, showing that many appreciate them.

Designer jewelry dupes might not look exactly the same, but they let people enjoy luxury styling without the big cost. Adding these alternatives to your collection helps you stay fashionable and save money.

Jewelry Dupes: Martha Calvo and David Yurman

Fashion lovers want to expand their jewelry collection without spending a lot. Designer dupes present a great choice. Martha Calvo’s “Famous” necklace and David Yurman’s link bracelet are very popular but costly. For some, these high prices might be too much.

Affordable designer jewelry dupes

Frasier Sterling: Affordable Alternative to Martha Calvo Necklace

The Martha Calvo necklace features pearls and smiley faces and costs $215. Fraser Sterling offers a more affordable version for $68. While not identical, it shares a similar style. This makes it a good and budget-friendly choice for those wanting the Martha Calvo look without the big price.

David Yurman’s link bracelet is a sought-after piece at $425. Ross Simons has a dupe that is very close in design, with plain and striped links, for only $99. This makes it easier for style lovers to add this iconic bracelet style to their collection.

It’s wise to look at jewelry in different price ranges when searching for dupes. Demi-fine jewelry can cost between $100 and $500, while affordable options are around $50 to $300. Choosing pieces like the Frasier Sterling necklace and Ross Simons’s bracelet helps keep costs down. Yet, you can still enjoy a sophisticated look without splurging.

Designer JewelryPriceAffordable DupePrice
Martha Calvo “Famous” Necklace$215Frasier Sterling Necklace$68
David Yurman Link Bracelet$425Ross Simons Bracelets$99

Choosing affordable designer dupes lets people enjoy new fashion trends without overspending. Pieces like the Fraser Sterling necklace and Ross Simon bracelet make achieving a upscale look quite doable.

Cozy Knit Set Dupes: Skims vs. Shein

Skims made by Kim Kardashian, is famous for its cozy knit sets. Yet, the prices range from $28 to $128, which can be costly. But, Shein, a budget-friendly choice, has a similar and stylish set at a lower price.

Affordable loungewear dupes from Shein

Shein’s knit set costs just $26 and includes a tank top, pants, and robe. This makes it a perfect option for those who love to look stylish in loungewear without spending a lot of money. Though not as high-quality as Skims, the Shein set offers comfy and fashionable knit sets. At a cheaper price, you can still look great.

SkimsFits Everybody T-shirt$4876% Polyamide, 24% Elastane
SkimsSeamless Sculpt Mid-Thigh Bodysuit$7477% Nylon, 23% Elstane
ShaperXBodysuit$50Nylon and Spandex (same as Skims)
PumieySlip Maxi Dress$30Rayon and Spandex

Comparing Skims to cheaper options shows you can get good styles for less. The ShaperX bodysuit is just $50 but made from the same materials as a Skims bodysuit, which costs $74. The Pumiey Slip Maxi Dress, at Amazon for $30, gives a thrifty yet chic loungewear choice made from rayon and spandex.

Skims’ size range goes from S to XL for the Fits Everybody T-shirt. ShaperX and Skims’ bodysuits come in sizes S to 3XL. With this wide sizing, more people can find their perfect fit.

These Shein alternatives come in many colors. From basic shades to bold colors, it’s simple to pick and choose for your perfect knit set.

Choosing Shein’s cozy sets over Skims can save you money. Enjoy the look, feel, and flexibility these alternatives add to your wardrobes.

Perfume Dupes: YSL Black Opium vs. Dossier Ambery Vanilla

Many people love Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium for its beautiful mix of black coffee and vanilla scents. But, it’s quite expensive at $155 for a bottle. Luckily, there are cheaper alternatives that smell very similar.

YSL Black Opium dupe Dossier Ambery Vanilla

Affordable Fragrance Alternative from Walmart

Dossier creates inexpensive versions of top perfume brands. Their “Ambery Vanilla” fragrance is just like Black Opium’s smell. It sells for only $29 at Walmart, making it a great option for those on a budget. One happy customer said, “I have YSL Mon Paris and this smells exactly the same for a fraction of the price. It is a warm, floral, gourmand smell. Very good.”

Similar Scent Profile at a Lower Price Point

Dossier’s Ambery Vanilla isn’t a perfect match but it’s close enough for many. One shopper shared, “I decided to spray one on each arm and compare them. They are very similar but not identical; I’d say the YSL is a bit more floral.” Dossier gets its scents from Grasse, the capital of perfumes, and offers many designer-inspired options.

Dossier offers more than just a good price. They give full refunds for returns and donate the returned perfumes to charity. Customers who sign up for Dossier’s SMS list get up to 25% off. Buying 3 or more items gets them free shipping and up to a 20% discount.

Cherry-scented perfumes have been popular lately. Dossier’s Amber Cherry, inspired by Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry, is a good pick at $50. Chez Pierre’s Fiction, another affordable choice, mixes black cherry, vanilla, and coffee scents for just $20.

Whether you adore YSL Black Opium or just like trying new scents, Dossier’s Ambery Vanilla is a great find. It offers a similar scent profile much cheaper. A satisfied buyer shared, “I’ve spent 6 years using YSL Mon Paris every day. Then I tried Dossier’s. It’s very close in scent.”

Affordable Birkenstock Sandal Dupes

Birkenstock sandals are a summer must-have. They’re comfy and stylish, but they can cost up to $150. Luckily, there are cheaper options that give you the same look and feel. Brands like Walmart and Target offer similar styles at a fraction of the price.

Walmart’s Time & Tru Sandals: A Budget-Friendly Option

Walmart’s Time & Tru brand has a pair of sandals that look a lot like Birkenstocks. They cost just $20 and come in different colors. These sandals are perfect for summer and are a great way to save money while still looking stylish.

Affordable Alternatives in Various Styles

Birkenstock dupes come in many styles and colors. You can find them in classic shades like black and brown, as well as fun colors like pink and blue. This lets you pick the perfect pair to match your style and wardrobe.

For those looking for a more affordable option, Target has a pair of sandals that look like Birkenstocks for just $25. These sandals are perfect for everyday wear and are a great way to save money while still looking stylish.

BirkenstockArizona Sandals$150
WalmartTime & Tru Sandals$20

With brands like Walmart and Target offering affordable alternatives to Birkenstocks, you can enjoy the same stylish look without breaking the bank. These sandals are perfect for summer and are a great way to save money while still looking fashionable.

Affordable luxury

Frequently Asked Questions

What are designer dupes?

Designer dupes are affordable alternatives to high-end fashion items. They mirror the original designs in style, quality, and appearance. With these lookalike pieces, fashion enthusiasts can get the designer look without the big price.

Some sites sell exact replicas. These might not be legal. But, many sites like Walmart and ASOS offer legal and top-quality dupes. This means you can stay stylish without spending too much or buying fakes.

Where can I find affordable designer dupes for shoes?

Looking for shoe dupes? You’re in luck. Steve Madden has Gucci Lug Sole Loafer dupes. ASOS has Bottega Veneta Lug Boot lookalikes. Goodnight Macaroon offers Golden Goose sneaker alternatives.

Are there any designer jewelry dupes available?

Yes, you can find designer jewelry dupes that are quite affordable. Amazon has Cartier Love Ring lookalikes. Shein sells Vivian Westwood choker replicas. You can also find alternative pieces at Frasier Sterling and Ross Simons. They offer dupes for items like the Martha Calvo necklace and David Yurman link bracelet.

Can I find affordable alternatives to luxury loungewear sets?

Affordable loungewear sets exist indeed. Shein, for instance, has a cozy knit set that resembles Skims’ popular one. It includes a tank top, pants, and a robe but costs much less.

Are there any perfume dupes for high-end fragrances?

Yes, you can find perfume dupes for high-end scents. Dossier is known for its affordable versions of top fragrances. Their “Ambery Vanilla” reminds many of Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium but costs less. You can buy Dossier fragrances at Walmart.

Why should I consider buying designer dupes?

Buying designer dupes lets you keep up with trends while watching your money. These budget-friendly options let you add high-end style to your wardrobe without spending a lot. This is especially helpful during uncertain economic times.

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